Elderly Computer User Topics

If you’re older and just getting started with computers, you’ll find these articles a great read. We go over some basic items, many of which were inspired by questions from my mom and mother-in-law! (Got to keep them happy you know)

Anyways, I think you’ll find some of this information interesting. Also, be sure to read the article about accessibility. The settings there can really help you see and hear your computer better.

How to Save Your Favorite Pages in Chrome and Other Browsers

Have you every found a great website full of great tips and suggestion  and want to got back to it a week later only to find you you forgot where it was? Once of the great benefits of the Internet is all of the information available at your finger tips.  The downside is that is huge, and it […]

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Elderly Computer Users – Jargon Buster #7 -What are Browser Favorites?

What are Browser Favorites? As you browse the Internet, you’ll come across sites that you want to visit again in the future.  Rather than having to remember or write down the website’s address, you can save a favorite to that site.  This is like adding a bookmark, a means to immediately jump from wherever you […]

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Elderly Computer Users – Put some Zoom Zoom into your Browser!

Many times I find myself wanting to see the screen in larger print and would like to quickly do this.  In a past article we showed you how to make your screen size bigger or smaller, but changes like this are harder to make.  Its not fun to constantly fiddle with your computer.     […]

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Elderly Computer Users – Jargon Buster #6 -What is computer memory?

Much like you have two types of memory,short term and long term memory, a computer has RAM and a hard drive to serve as its memory.   The computer counterpart to short term memory is RAM.  RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and is made up of memory chips.  RAM typically is lost when you […]

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Elderly Computer Users – How do I Delete Email from my Google Gmail account?

Recently after I cooked dinner for my mother-in-law, I asked her what types of computer questions she had.  First on her list was how to delete email from her Gmail Account.  I thought that was a good question, after all she is my mother-in-law, so decided to share the answer with everyone. Below is was […]

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Elderly Computer Users – Jargon Buster #5 -What is a Browser?

I get a lot of queststions from senior and elderly computer users about browsers.  So what is a browser? A browser is a computer program that you use to view web pages on the Internet.   A web browser displays and allows you to interact with a web page.  Browsers know how to read web […]

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