Our Inspiration, Your Drive, Motivates our Passion to Train Senior Citizens


This site is meant to teach senior citizens fundamental computer skills.  We aim to teach you how to use a computer using simple to understand English with lots of visual examples.  Our tips and tricks are simple to understand and follow.

Who is the ideal audience for the site?

Seniors and their adult children will all  find our resources useful. 

  • We cover topics of direct general interest to seniors.  This saves you time because you can avoid having to wade through business oriented topics.
  • You can train anywhere at your own pace.  
  • Our methods are ideal for homebound learners.
  • Our training is easy to follow, using visual aids and videos to  enable you to easily understand the lesson.

Inspired Training

My wife and I are inspired by my mother’s story.  In the beginning she was completely  fearful of the computer, afraid that if she did something wrong, it would break.  In the beginning she had trouble moving and clicking the mouse.  With time and by gaining skills step-by-step,  she now runs her own website and  eBay store.  On the personal side, she actively keeps in contact with friends and family on Facebook.  All this happened after her retirement!

Similarly, my mother-in-law  recently joined the computer age after having avoided it for years.  Her reluctance stemmed from remembering the frustration of using a computer during her career, and she didn’t want to have to relive those days.  Within several months, she has become an active member of the internet community and now enjoys  more day-to-day connections with her family and friends.

What’s Next?

We encourage you to leave posts with your computer-related questions.   We’ll answer all that we can.   Sign up for our newsletter to recceive regular updates and tips. 


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