Creating Desktop Shortcuts


What are Shortcuts and why are They Useful?

A desktop shortcut makes it really easy to start programs.  They are also know as icons, and show up on your desktop as little graphical pictures.  You can double click them to start the corresponding program.  Since your desktop is easily changed, it is really easy to accidentally delete one or more shortcuts.  If you’re like me, you won’t notice you did this, but when it comes time to use a program, the shortcut is “lost!”

The good new is that even though you may never find those lost shortcuts, they are easy to replace.

How Do I Create Shortcuts?

Watch the following video if you want to learn how to create desktop shortcuts.  This comes in handy when you’ve “misplaced” them.


If you need to replace a lost shortcut, don’t panic!  You can easily recreate them using the Send To Desktop feature.

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