Elderly Computer Users – How do I Delete Email from my Google Gmail account?


Recently after I cooked dinner for my mother-in-law, I asked her what types of computer questions she had.  First on her list was how to delete email from her Gmail Account.  I thought that was a good question, after all she is my mother-in-law, so decided to share the answer with everyone.

Below is was a typical Gmail inbox looks like.  There aren’t too many menu commands or words, and it isn’t entirely obvious where the “delete” function resides.

Gmail Inbox

So How Do I delete my Email?

The tick to deleting your email is to first select the email you want to delete.

Select Email


Click on the check box (1) to the right of the email item you wish to delete.  Once you do this the menu above the inbox list changes to show a trash can.  You now have two choice to delete email.  You can either archive (2) the email, or delete it.

To Archive or Delete is the Question


In this example we want to delete our email, so click the trash can (3).  Once you do this, your email is removed from your inbox and placed in the trash.

Note:  IF you click the archive (2) button, you email also is removed from the inbox; however, it is stored indefinitely within your Gmail account.

Can I view Trash?

Yes, if you accidentially delete an item you can peek into the trash can to view your email.  To do this click on the More (1)  button shown on the lefthand menu bar.

This expands the number of options shown.  At the bottom you’ll see the Trash (2) folder.

View Gmail Trash

The deleted email message (3) is now visible.  All items in the trash are automatically deleted after thirty days; however, if you can’t wait, then just press the Empty Trash  now (4) button.

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