Elderly Computer Users – Jargon Buster #7 -What are Browser Favorites?


What are Browser Favorites?

As you browse the Internet, you’ll come across sites that you want to visit again in the future.  Rather than having to remember or write down the website’s address, you can save a favorite to that site.  This is like adding a bookmark, a means to immediately jump from wherever you are on the internet to the site you want to revisit.  Using a favorite is a two step process:

  • In the first step you’re on a site you wish to revisit.  You save a favorite.
  • In the second step, you want to revisit the site and use the browser’s built-in feature to view your favorites and select the one corresponding to the site you wish to visit.
We will talk about these steps in more detail below with examples for both Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.

How Can I Save and Use Favorites in Chrome?

Creating a favorite is pretty straightforward.  Each browser has a slightly different way to do so, but in the end, they follow a similar process.

Add Favorite in Chrome


If you want to add a favorite in Chrome for the currently displayed page:

1. Click on the Star located to the right of the web address.  The star will be white before you click it.

2.  If you wish, rename the book mark.  The site’s title is automatically used.

3.  Press Done.

The book mark is placed on your bookmark bar, which is shown immediately below the website address.


To use your favorite simply click on the favorite, which is displayed in the bookmark bar.  After a while you’ll have many favorites and all may not be displayed in the bar.  The additional favorites can be shown by clicking on the chevrons.

Using a Favorite In Chrome

To access these “hidden” favorites:

1.  Click on the Chevron

2.  Select and click on the desired favorite.


How Can I Save and Use Favorites in Internet Explorer?

Saving and using bookmarks or favorites in Internet Explorer is similar to Chrome.

Add Favorite In Internet Explorer

To bookmark the current page  in Internet Explorer:

1. Click on the Star.

2. Click on the Downward Facing Arrow.

3. Select and click Add to Favorites Bar.

The favorites are located in the bar immediately below the site address.  If you can not find your favorite, it is most likely hidden.

Use A Favorite In Internet Explorer

To find these bookmarks:

1.  Click on the cheverons.

2.  Select and click on the desired favorite.

It’s a wrap!

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