Elderly Computer Users – Put some Zoom Zoom into your Browser!


Many times I find myself wanting to see the screen in larger print and would like to quickly do this.  In a past article we showed you how to make your screen size bigger or smaller, but changes like this are harder to make.  Its not fun to constantly fiddle with your computer.








So how can I zoom in on my browser to make it easier to read the Internet?

The easiest way I found is to use the mouse’s wheel to to so:

1.  Open your browser and click somewhere on a blank portion of a web page.

2.  Depress the Ctrl key.

3.  While the key is pressed, move the mouse’s scroll wheel.  Moving it toward you will zoom in and make the screen larger.  Moving the wheel away from you zooms out.


Note, the mouse’s scroll wheel is located on the top of the mouse.  You use your index finger to move it.

That’s all there is to it!


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