Have Peace of Mind, Protect your Digital Life


Have you ever lost something very important to you, and never had a way to get it back?  Do you continue to regret the loss?  Do you wish you could have done something to avoid this?  Regarding your computer, there is a way to avoid loss, to protect your valuable computer, to ensure that if something were to happen  your valuable information  will be safe.

Have peace of mind and protect your digital life.

Protect Your Data, Your Digital Life

The best way to protect your data is to make an exact copy of it and store it separate from your computer.  There are several considerations to keep in mind when doing so.  First, you want to continually update your copy, so that you are always saving your newest information, photos, or videos.    Also, it is important to store it away from your computer, ideally several miles from your home, to reduce your risk of natural disasters.  Thousands of computers are destroyed in fire and floods each year; you don’t want lose your photos, videos and personal documents this way.

Today it’s pretty easy to protect your music, photos, and other computer files using an online service such as Mozy.  These services automatically copy your information, via your Internet connection, to a secure location.    The integrity of your information remains private to you;  since your information is encrypted, only you and your computer are able to read the information.

Several years ago I switched to this service and highly recommend it.  I used to copy files by hand  to CD’s or external hard drives.  The hassle, the fact I would forget to make backups, and that my copies were stored in my home constantly worried me.  I would be crushed if I lost all of my family’s pictures.  Switching to Mozy gave me peace of mind.

Here are some great features:

  • Your music, photos, and other files are automatically saved.  You don’t need to remember to run a special program.
  • It is really easy to recover your files from the service.
  • Your information is protected.  It is encrypted, stored away from your home, and safe from faulty equipment and natural disasters.
  • It makes moving into a new computer really easy.
  • It is low cost.


Best of all, you can try this service for Free.  Get 2GB Totally Free Online Backup! Compliments of Mozy.

If you find you like their service and it provides value, you can expand your use.  For $5.95 a month you can store 50 GB.  How much is 50 GB?

  • 6,250,000 text emails
  • 7,500 photos
  • 8,500 music files
  • 1,000 videos

If there is only one recommendation you follow from this site, let it be this:  Please backup your data.  You’ll regret not doing so, and to think about it once your computer fails or is destroyed is too late.  Don’t procrastinate, please get started with your backups today.

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