How to Find Documents, Pictures, and Files on Your Computer


One of the most frustrtating times I have with my computer is when I misplace a document.  It usually happens when I’m in a hurry, save an item, and wasn’t paying attention to where I saved it.  Hmmm… where did it go?

I liken this to leaving my keys somewhere I’m not supposed to, like on the kitchen counter.  I combat that issue by always always placing my keys in the same place, which is a basket on my dresser.  I do the same with my computer.  I try to always save files in the same location, usually the Documents folder.  So when I misplace a file, what do I do?  How do you find document on your computer?

Fortunately Micorsoft Windows has a really great search feature.  You can use it to search a document by name, or even by content.

Basic Windows Search

In this section we’ll walk you through a simple search for a documents containing a phrase.  Many time you may forget the name of a document, but remember some key words or phrases contained within its body.  The windows search tool comes in handy in this scenario.

Windows Search Box


To start a search, click the Start button in the lower left of the screen.  Once the program menu displays, which is shown above, type the name of the document or some keywords found within it into the Search programs and files box.

For example:  If you were working on a letter to your grand daughter and you mentioned her new puppy, then you could search for “new puppy.”  Windows search then scans all your document for that phrase and displays the results.

Windows Search Results

In the visual example shown above, you can see that:

  1. I typed “new puppy” in the search box.
  2. Documents containing the phrase were immediately displayed.

You can now hover the mouse pointer over the once of the documents (Files) found and double-click to open it.

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