How to Save Your Favorite Pages in Chrome and Other Browsers


Have you every found a great website full of great tips and suggestion  and want to got back to it a week later only to find you you forgot where it was?

Once of the great benefits of the Internet is all of the information available at your finger tips.  The downside is that is huge, and it is very frustrating to “refind” that gem of information you looked up last week.

Luckily for us, we can use our web browsers to save these sites, to bookmark them, so it is easy to refer back to them.  Bookmarking, like the name suggests, allows you to save your place in a browsing session.  The beauty of this is that you can save many bookmarks.  After a while, they become your Rolodex of the Internet!

Saving Favorites in Chrome and Other Browsers

There are two ways to save your place:

  1. Save a shortcut to desktop.
  2. Save to favorites

In  a previous article we talked about saving favorites within the browser, so today, we’ll focus on saving short cuts to your desktop.

Save A Short Cut to the Desktop

Saving a shortcut to the desktop is handy when you want to be able to directlly launch your browser to a site.  The shortcuts are saved on your destop and when double-clicked, launch the browser and direct your to the previously specified page.  This is handy when you want to have several “home” pages.   Just create shortcuts on your desktop and be ready to launch.

Creating shortcut is easy, follow these steps in Chrome:

    1. Navigate to the page you are interested in creating a shortcut.
    2. Click on the icon to the left of the website address
    3. Keep holding the mouse button down and drag the address to your desktop.
    4. You should see an Icon.Saving Favorites in Chrome
      Saving Favorites In Chrome
    5. Saving Favorites In Chrome
Try clicking on the shortcut – it should relaunch your browser and automatically navigate to the site.


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