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Securing a your  iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch so that it is safe to use can be pretty complicated.  If you’re not careful you can go through a lot of work to lock the front door, yet keep the windows open!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to security for using today’s phones, nor is there one solution.  Rather, security is typically a collection of solutions which overlap and interlock to provide each user with a comprehensive approach to security according to individual needs.

Much as there isn’t much point to locking your front door if the windows are open, there isn’t much point in just setting up one form of restrictions when it can be easily circumvented.  Most security isn’t hard to understand, yet it can take some time to gain a complete understanding of how all the tools work.   For example, you purchase a kid-safe browser from the iTunes store and tell your children to use it, but will they?

Can they circumvent it?

You bet they can, and here is how:  use the Safari browser instead or if the Safari browser is hidden, then download Chrome or another browser.

The point here is that it isn’t hard to understand that there are options on the market for you to use, but it can be tricky to understand which options work best in combination with one another.

Since there are many steps and items to consider, I thought it would be a good idea to provide you with an action plan and checklist so you can be sure you have hit all the major considerations to successfully lock down your phone.  If you follow these steps in order, you’ll be sure your phone is properly restricted and can’t be undone by your child.

Physically Secure your Phone

  • Get a Cell Phone Case
  • Lock Your Phone
  • Set up Find your Phone
  • Set up Remote Wipe

Set Privacy Settings

  • Review which apps can access your location
  • Review which apps can access your contacts, calendars, reminders, and photos.
  • Check the Bluetooth settings
  • Review which apps can access Twitter
  • Check which apps can access Facebook

Set up Child Safe Browsing

  • Install McGruff Child Safe Browser
  • Set up Restrictions
  • Double check that you restricted access to Safari

Set up Child Safe YouTube

  • Install Jasmine
  • Purchase the Pro version
  • Set up YouTube Channels and Favorites Lists
  • Enable Parental Controls

Restrict Your Phone

  • Remove unneeded applications
  • Enable Restrictions
    • Turn off Safari if you are going to use a child proof browser.
    • Turn off iTunes to stop your child from purchasing apps and music at the iTunes store
    • Turn off iBookstore
    • Turn off Installing Apps
    • Turn off Deleting Apps
    • Turn off Siri and Explicit language for Siri.
  • Review Allowed Content
    • Music and podcasts
    • Movies
    • TV shoes
    • Books
    • Apps
    • In-app purchases and Password requirements
  • Misc
    • Volume Limit
    • Game Center

Protect Your iTunes Account

  • Create a limited Personal Computer Account
  • Launch  iTunes from Account
  • Set up New Apple ID


As you can see there is quite a bit you can do to make your iPad or iPhone safer for your child to use.

To learn more, check my book entitled Keep Your Child Safe: How to Setup Parental Controls for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch this outline and more than 40 other pages help guide you through the process and choice you need to make to secure your phone.

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