Elderly Computer User Recommended Resources

Helpful Resources for Elderly Computer Users

This following is a list of must-use resources for beginning and elderly computer users.  Whether you’re just learning to use the mouse, or looking for a easy way to backup your family’s pictures, you’ll find proven and recommended resource on these pages.

Essential Resources

Backup and Restore your Data

Backup and Restore your Data

 The complete list


  • Microsoft Accessibility -While researching ways for people to more easier use the computer, I came across the Microsoft Accessiblty site.  If you are elderly or helping an elderly person who has an ailment that hampers them from using their computer you’ll find this site worth the visit.

Easy to Use Software

  • Seniorama Pointer™ – makes computers simple and easy for seniors to use.   It’s designed for elderly PC users.  Easy-to-use navigation and interface let elderly users enjoy a new world of experience. It’s the perfect gift for your aging parents or relatives.

Keyboard and Mouse

  • Keyboard Game – This interactive webpage challenges you to a typing game.
  • Mousing Around – Great for absolute beginners.  This series of pages teaches about the mouse, how to hold it, and the basic ways, such as clicking links, you use the mouse to interact with the computer.
  • Keyboard for the Visually Impaired – Large keys in high contrast colors meant for seniors with visual impairments

Safe Computing

  • Mozy Backup – Backup your digital life at home.  It’s safe and secure.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials – Free software to protect your computer.  This software is similar to Norton Anti-virus or McAfee, yet free!