Removing Programs from Windows 7


In this lesson we learn how to remove a program from your computer.  You’ll usually remove a program when you now longer need it.

Avoid Common Mistakes

A common mistake people make is thinking if they remove the desktop shortcut, that the entire program is removed from their computer.  This isn’t the case.  If you just delete the shortcut, though you now longer “see” the program on your desktop, the program and all its setting still remain on your computer.

To properly remove a computer, you should use the Control Panel Uninstall Programs feature.  Follow along with the video below to learn how.


Here are key point to remember when uninstalling programs:

  • Use the Control Panel Uninstall Program feature to remove a program.  Just removing it from the desktop won’t uninstall the application.
  • The program can take some time to uninstall — patience grasshopper.
  • We recommend removing programs you no longer need.  It reduces clutter on your computer; happy computers, are clutter free computers.


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