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Senior Computer HelpMy name is Kris. In in one form or another I’ve been working with personal computers since 1979!  I went to college and got a degree in computer engineering, have developed software, built computers, and well, basically have made my living promoting one form of technology or another for the past thirty years.  During this time I’ve seen computer power drastically grow and become a more important part of our life.   In the beginning computers were mainly a hobby for most users, an expensive toy to tinker with; however, fast forward to today, and we see computer are an integral part of our lives.

Helping Seniors Use Computers

My wife and I wanted to create this site to help out people like our parents.  Seniors who want to use computers for day-to-day tasks to keep in touch with family and friends, share photos, make life easier, and perhaps even use the computer to manage a thriving eBay business!  Through our experiences we have found people like help on topics, such as:

  • how to use email to send and receive pictures
  • safely browsing the Internet.
  • using Facebook to find friends and share photos.
  • protecting your computer and personal information.
  •  saving a copy of your data in case the original is lost.
  • changing setting on your computer so you can see the screen better.
Most of these are pretty simple tasks, the problem with most instructions you find is they are full of jargon and lengthy steps.  Our goal is to show you how to do these tasks in a visually oriented manner.  Through video and simple to follow instructions in plain English, we aim to eliminate the frustration of learning how to use a computer.

We All Use Computers Differently

People of all ages can use computers to suit their interests.  My sons love to use it to watch Lego videos, I like it to manage personal finances and to program, my wife uses is for research and teaching, teenagers are into games, businessmen love spreadsheets (well maybe not love).  Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is we all use computers, but have a special interest.   A goal of this site is to serve the interest of Seniors.  We want to focus on your computer activities and provide you with tip and tricks you can use to make your experience more enjoyable.
Senior citizens shouldn’t feel intimidated by computer, nor, shy away from it.  We want to show you some really great ways you can use your computer to connect with your family, share photos, use Facebook, and use the Internet safely.  On this site you’ll find great practical advice, and answers to questions that seniors want to know.
Post a comment and let us know what you would like to learn about.


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