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This is one in a series of parental controls blog posts I have put together describing how to setup parental controls for an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch.  If  you find this material helpful, you may want to download the Kindle version of my Book.  It contains even more information to guide you through the steps to ensure your child’s iPhone is secure.

Child Safe YouTube
There are many fun and free children’s videos available on YouTube.  Our children love watching Thomas the Train™ and Lego™ oriented video while on the run.  The problem is that my wife and I are always worried that, given the nature of YouTube, they’ll surf from one related video to
the next and eventually end up watching inappropriate material.

None of built-in apps offer any means to restrict YouTube; it’s all or nothing.  Either all content is available or your choice is to completely turn the app off.

Luckily, we found a great YouTube viewer replacement that does allow parental controls.  The paid version of Jasmine allows you to build playlists and then restrict viewing to the list.  In addition, your child is unable to click on related video links which would move him away from the approved playlist items.

We’ve found our children mainly watch the same twenty video clips, so it really isn’t a huge limitation to restrict them to a list.  Also, it isn’t hard as a parent to add additional videos to the list.

Setting Up Child Safe YouTube

Now we’ll show you the steps to set up a child safe YouTube using Jasmine. We’ll cover everything, from downloading and installing the app, to configuring it so it is suitable to your child’s age.  Finally we tweak some other settings on your phone to ensure the child safe app is used and the built-in YouTube app hidden.

For this example we’ll install the paid version of Jasmine.  We like this app for several reasons.  Specifically we like that we can restrict viewing to either specific viewing channels, such as the Disney Channel, or a list of favorite single videos we have selected.

Jasmine Application Installation

Jasmine Child Safe YouTube

Let’s first find and install the app.   Go to the App Store by tapping on the App Store icon on your phone’s main screen.

If you’re having a hard time finding the icon, you can search for it.  I find this really handy when I’m working on a friend’s phone.  The search page is the farther page to the left; essentially the first page of your phone.  To reach it, continue to swipe your fingers to the right until the first page is shown.  Once the Search iPhone box is displayed, type Settings, look for the icon, and tap it.  You’ll then launch into the page.

Once you have access the App Store, search for Jasmine.   Once the entry for the application is shown, tap on it to show the product page.

Tap on the FREE icon to start the download.  After a couple of minutes the download and installation will be complete.  You can start the application by tapping OPEN or from the main screen by tapping on the Jasmine icon.

After launching the application, tap on the Gear, shown in the upper left hand portion of the screen so we can purchase the pro version of the application and then proceed to set up parental controls.

In order to use parental control you’ll need to purchase the pro version for $1.99.  To do so, tap on Jasmine Pro.  After a few moments you’ll confirm your In-App purchase.  To do so, tap Buy and then enter your password.  The purchase only takes a few moments.


If you aren’t able to do an in-app purchase, check your iPhone Settings.  You may have restricted In-app purchases.  Temporarily set this restriction off and try again.  Remember to reset the restriction once you are done.

After you have purchased Jasmine Pro, sign in to your YouTube account to allow Jasmine to access your favorites as well as subscribed channels.  In the parental controls section we’ll select which channels and favorite lists your child is able to view via Jasmine.

We suggest you use one YouTube account for both you and your child.  This makes it easier to manage channels and favorites from a single Google account.  If you don’t already have a YouTube account, you can create one for free at

To sign-in into YouTube:

  1. Tap Sign In
  2. Enter your Email, this is the email you used to create your YouTube account.  In my case it is also my Gmail account.
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Tap Sign in
  5. Tap Allow access to give the Jasmine app access to your YouTube account.

With this step complete were able to set up parental controls.  Before we do that you should make sure you are subscribed to some channels or have some favorites videos your child is fond of watching.  We have found it is easier to subscribe to channels and add favorites from your home computer’s browser.  The screen is bigger and the browser version of YouTube has more features to make this process easier to manage.

Sit down with your child and find some channels.  Some channels we have found acceptable and entertaining for our first grade boy are:

YouTube Disney Channel



Just search YouTube for your favorite kids brand + channel, such as “Disney Channel” and look for the official channel of that brand.

Also, use YouTube to create playlists for specific videos you child likes to watch.

Once you have compiled these lists we are ready to move onto parental controls.


If  you find this material helpful, you may want to download the Kindle version of my Book.  It contains even more information to guide you through the parental controls steps to ensure your child’s iPhone is secure.

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